October 7, 2016

I Said Yes

Well actually, in the midst of my excitement and tears, I said “I do!” to which Johnny said “Not yet!” Such a comically me moment to somehow mess up a one-word-reply question.

After almost 6 years of dating, Johnny popped the question on me on a random Wednesday night right before bedtime in our home. Without going into too much mushy details, I can say it involved Instagram and that it was every bit as sweet and special as I hoped it would be. If his goal was to catch me completely off-guard and  get me to ugly-cry, then he definitely accomplished that!

In a world where sharing is caring (aka., #snapchateverything), it was important to me that we kept this moment between us. I really relished in the days afterwards of keeping this life-changing event a secret between the two of us (and my sister who happened to be home that night), but afterwards we had a blast telling our family and best friends in really fun ways. It’s probably my favorite part of the engagement!

We’re about T minus a month and some odd days to the #johnnyandvy party and while we still have a ton to do, I can’t wait to marry my best friend soon.

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July 14, 2015

Hello, Fall? Are you here yet?

vince booties chelsea black boots

I have this thing where a season will arrive and instead of shopping for things appropriate for that season, I only want to shop for the opposite, upcoming season. So now that we’re knee deep into summer, my shopping cart is more about thick scarves, black denim, and wool coats; less bikini sets and linen dresses.

I can’t be the only weird one about this, right?

Anyways when I saw that these perfectly almond toed Chelsea boots were on sale, and included in an additional 60% off, and in my size?? I checked them out faster than you can say “final sale.” (By the way, the trick to managing final sale paralysis is having a great CC with return protection and friendly customer service agents who understand why you would want to buy something without trying it on first. It’s a blessing and a curse…)

When the package arrived, I tore the box open and was instantly in love. The luxe calfskin, the slightly extended gore for that extra special touch, the new leather car smell? I only hope that SoCal’s fall temps will cooperate, or else I really just might wear these boots in our typical 80 degree weather. C’mon weather, work with me here.

June 19, 2015

#vandjvacay x Seattle

At this point, I’m pretty sure I sound like a broken record about trying to update this blog on a regular basis. I’m sorry but not sorry because lots of fun things have happened in the meantime (travels to Thailand/Vietnam/Seattle, little side hustles, winning a cool contest)! I’m trying to get back into the groove of blogging and am thankful for the friends who encouraged me to do so. ♡

So with that said, on to the next thing!

seattle pikes place market

J and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary in Seattle this past May and I wanted to do a quick travel guide for you to EAT/SEE/DO in case it’s your first time visiting the Emerald City.

seattle capitol hill molly moons ice cream

seattle storyville coffee shop


8oz Burger & Co 
Get the juicy burgers done just right, brussel sprouts that could replace fries with my burger meals forever, and truffle garlic fries that remind me of why I could never replace fries.

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream
So good that we came back three times and each time, I had the same amazing flavor: vegan lime toasted coconut. When I came home, I missed it so much that I looked up if they ship (they don’t). I would have paid whatever outrageous shipping fees it took. Better for my figure and wallet, I guess.

For our first foray into the real world of sushi, J and I had no idea what to expect. But a restaurant that has been graced by not one but two of Jiro’s apprentices (Shiro Kashiba, who started the restaurant, and Daisuke Nakazawa, who opened his own restaurant Sushi Nakazawa in NYC) is not one that will disappoint you – and it didn’t. Prepare to have your life changed by the tuna here.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer
A nice pit stop when you’re in the Pike Place Market. We had the ginger ale but they serve alcoholic drinks too.

The London Plane
I wouldn’t be totally exaggerating if I said we (ok, I) booked this Seattle trip because of this restaurant. I heard rave reviews from friends and after seeing a few photos of how pretty this space is, I was sold. Everything we ordered was delicious but the kouign amann with cardamon was especially life-changing. I wish I had ordered a boxful for the ride home.

Piroshky Piroshky
Went to this place solely on the recommendation of a friend, then stayed in the ridiculous line on the recommendations of the near 3000 Yelp reviewers. I highly recommend the smoke salmon pate and the beef & cheese.

Storyville Coffee
After walking around downtown all day, we would sneak into Storyville for the free wifi, the warm fireplace and great lattes. We both also really like their seasonal housemade sodas, the mint berry one is borderline addictive.

Espresso Vivace Roasteria
A nice pit stop for a latte and tea to warm up your hands.

Serious Pie
I’m not that serious about pizza but J considers it a 6th food group. That said, we went into this place with various degrees of excitement and came out extremely satisfied. The sauce here is the tangiest I’ve ever tried which is a good thing because it means they use the fresh tomatoes. Get the margherita and the fennel sausage pizzas.

Pike Place Chowder
Scaldingly hot and perfectly seasoned comfort food while you wait out the Seattle drizzle. Try the market chowder and forego all other chowders forever.

Momiji has what I like to call dessert sushi. I mean, how else do you describe a roll that has mango, salmon and strawberry in it and is topped with blueberry sauce??

seattle capitol hill airbnb master bedroom

seattle capitol hill airbnb nook

seattle ace hotel


This Airbnb
Staying in downtown can get really expensive fast and since we were out during most of the day, we only really only needed a clean place to sleep and wash up. This Capitol Hill home is just a stone’s throw from downtown Seattle and was close enough to all the places we wanted to hit up. You can rent any or all of the 6 rooms here. We stayed a night in the master bedroom which consisted of tiny nook that took in the prettiest morning light.

Full disclosure: we were bad Airbnb guests and somehow forgot to leave a review for this place before our review window was up (which we didn’t know about)! But we did stay here and absolutely loved it, so hopefully this makes up for it. :(

Ace Hotel
J and I have an unofficial bucket list item of going to every Ace hotel and this was our third. The shared bathrooms are extremely spotless, their conditioner will make your hair feel like silk, and they’ll hold your bags for you before and after your check-in/out times. For a little over $100/night, we both highly recommend the Ace (pretty much everywhere).

seattle everyday music record store

seattle capitol hill totokaelo home decor

seattle pikes place market flowers

seattle pikes place market peonies


A minimalist’s dream. Be sure to bring some self restraint with you because you’ll want to buy everything in the story. They have a wide collection of Dieppa Restrepo and Acne Studios, and for their home goods, they leave little place cards out for you to learn about the artist.

Seattle Public Library
Hidden downtown amongst all the skyscrapers, we ducked into the library when it started drizzling, explored the grounds and mapped out our plans with the free wifi.

Pike Place Market
An obvious checklist item. Try the cherries at the Chukar Cherries stand (we bought six bags of chocolate covered cherries), buy all the peony bouquets (we only bought two) and ogle at all the fresh seafood (I only wished we shipped those giant crab legs home!!!). It’s bound to be busy and slightly touristy but it’s a must on your visit!

Space Needle
A nice place to walk around during the day. I’ve been to the top and ate at the restaurant there before (it spins reeeeeally slowly while you eat) but it was nothing to write home about. Check the website in case there is an event happening while you’re there. J and I caught a free concert by a band who sounded almost exactly like Maroon 5.

Blick Art Materials
Grabbed a couple of Tombow pens and a waterbrush pen as souvenirs from this giant arts supply store.

Everyday Music
One of the more organized record stores I’ve been to. They have old, new and vintage; some at $3/pop.

Melrose Market Studios
I love exploring these huge marketplaces because they always have interesting shops. There’s a flower shop, wine & cheese shop, and a fish shop, to name just a few. We picked up a few souvenirs from Butter Home which has a great selection of home goods and tchotchkes.

November 24, 2014

Table Speak

This weekend I hosted Friendsgiving for a few of my girlfriends who I felt as though I had not seen in forever! As an added element to the sangria and good food that was consumed, I whipped up these table topics that I (not) so cleverly coined as Table Speak.

They’re a set of 80 fun questions that you can answer in turns with your girlfriends. For us, we went through four sangria pitchers by the end of the entire set before we glanced at our phones for the first time since dinner started and realized that it was 12am! We shared, listened, cried and laughed a lot that night and it was the perfect way to reconnect with one another before the start of the busy holiday season.

I’m all for good girl talk (it’s good for the soul, in my opinion) so I made Table Speak available for you to download here to have at your next Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving/girls night/whatever! I think I’ll eventually update this set with 20 more questions so that we have a nice even 100 card set, so comment below if there’s any question you’d like to see added to the set and let me know how your girls night goes.

Have fun!