Hello, Fall? Are you here yet?

July 14, 2015

vince booties chelsea black boots

I have this thing where a season will arrive and instead of shopping for things appropriate for that season, I only want to shop for the opposite, upcoming season. So now that we’re knee deep into summer, my shopping cart is more about thick scarves, black denim, and wool coats; less bikini sets and linen dresses.

I can’t be the only weird one about this, right?

Anyways when I saw that these perfectly almond toed Chelsea boots were on sale, and included in an additional 60% off, and in my size?? I checked them out faster than you can say “final sale.” (By the way, the trick to managing final sale paralysis is having a great CC with return protection and friendly customer service agents who understand why you would want to buy something without trying it on first. It’s a blessing and a curse…)

When the package arrived, I tore the box open and was instantly in love. The luxe calfskin, the slightly extended gore for that extra special touch, the new leather car smell? I only hope that SoCal’s fall temps will cooperate, or else I really just might wear these boots in our typical 80 degree weather. C’mon weather, work with me here.

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Sarah said...

Yes! I agree these final sale events are a perfect way to prepare for the upcoming season without breaking your bank, If you’re ever itching to wear them sooner, come visit the bay area and we can stroll around SF :)

July 17, 2015 at 5:38 pm | Reply | LINK


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