I Said Yes

October 7, 2016

Well actually, in the midst of my excitement and tears, I said “I do!” to which Johnny said “Not yet!” Such a comically me moment to somehow mess up a one-word-reply question.

After almost 6 years of dating, Johnny popped the question on me on a random Wednesday night right before bedtime in our home. Without going into too much mushy details, I can say it involved Instagram and that it was every bit as sweet and special as I hoped it would be. If his goal was to catch me completely off-guard and  get me to ugly-cry, then he definitely accomplished that!

In a world where sharing is caring (aka., #snapchateverything), it was important to me that we kept this moment between us. I really relished in the days afterwards of keeping this life-changing event a secret between the two of us (and my sister who happened to be home that night), but afterwards we had a blast telling our family and best friends in really fun ways. It’s probably my favorite part of the engagement!

We’re about T minus a month and some odd days to the #johnnyandvy party and while we still have a ton to do, I can’t wait to marry my best friend soon.

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