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Table Speak

by Vy on November 24, 2014

This weekend I hosted Friendsgiving for a few of my girlfriends who I felt as though I had not seen in forever! As an added element to the sangria and good food that was consumed, I whipped up these table topics that I (not) so cleverly coined as Table Speak.

They’re a set of 80 fun questions that you can answer in turns with your girlfriends. For us, we went through four sangria pitchers by the end of the entire set before we glanced at our phones for the first time since dinner started and realized that it was 12am! We shared, listened, cried and laughed a lot that night and it was the perfect way to reconnect with one another before the start of the busy holiday season.

I’m all for good girl talk (it’s good for the soul, in my opinion) so I made Table Speak available for you to download here to have at your next Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving/girls night/whatever! I think I’ll eventually update this set with 20 more questions so that we have a nice even 100 card set, so comment below if there’s any question you’d like to see added to the set and let me know how your girls night goes.

Have fun!