November 15, 2014

Yes, Please: No. 2

YOU GUYS. Have you noticed the weather? It finally feels like fall! At least by Southern California’s standard anyways. I’m expecting another heat wave any day now so I’ve been savoring these chilly days by pulling out cozy knits and scarves. Something else that lets me know that fall is finally here is my affinity for all things grey. All of the sudden I cannot get enough of this color in my closet! Here are few things I recently picked up or am currently coveting…

one / “Ugh, I’m so jealous. She has an MBA and the Chloé flats!” I may or may not have said this recently in a bit of a green-eyed monster moment. Can you blame me? Those scallops are freakin’ adorable.
two* / I picked up this blue grey polish and really love how it’s different from any other grey polishes in my collection. It’s from OPI’s New York City Ballet collection and it comes off as a sheer, dreamy kind of grey. You’ll need a couple of coats to get the grey to come out but don’t use anymore than four coats to get a slightly streaky finish that’s reminiscent of a ballerina’s tutu.
three* / While on the hunt for Jean’s brown scarf that she featured, I saw this grey version hanging right next to it and picked it up instead. It’s fluffy, surprisingly soft and a bit oversized, just how I like my scarves.
four* / This sweater is my current go-to. It feels more like cashmere than merino wool and has that luxurious touch that makes it a treat to wear on bare skin. And it’s currently on sale too!
five / I grounded myself from buying anymore handbags in the next, oh I don’t now, five years after buying this little guy but was considering this grey one for while. It has the few key details that I was looking for: tons of pockets and a removable cross-body strap. See it on Samantha here.

* These are items I’ve already purchased and love.

October 2, 2014

Fall To-Do List

actual photo taken from October 2013

Fall is my favorite season of the year and it’s already been a little over a week since its arrival. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) SoCal gets about 10 months of summer and looks/feels nothing like the Fall I loved when I lived in NorCal. However, I’m still determined to do fall activities no matter how high the temperatures get. Here are a few things I’m looking forward to doing and hopefully anyone reading this can hold me accountable!

01. Visit an apple orchard and go apple picking
02. Bake (my first!) apple pie with said apples above
03. Buy a pumpkin spiced latte not from Starbucks
04. Volunteer at a food bank with Johnny
05. Continue my search for the perfect leather boots
06. Rent an Airbnb in the mountains with friends and…
07. Try to recreate an Aussie pie from here
08. Host a girlfriends bagel brunch with pumpkin bagels
09. Visit an authentic haunted house*
10. Watch a scary movie (The last one I watched was in 2011 when my dorm decided to do a Saw marathon and I almost passed out watching. True story.)

*Started Googling places to go and nope, never mind. My heart is racing right now and I think I’ll sleep with the lights on, thankyouverymuch.

September 30, 2014

Holy Grail Beauty Products

holygrailsOne of my favorite topics to read about are holy grail beauty products that other girls use and swear by, so today I thought I’d share my own. Some of these products are ones I’ve used for years and others are recent keepers. Warning: this is a little lengthy but click through if you want to find out more about my favorite holy grails! Continue reading » Holy Grail Beauty Products

May 7, 2014

Yes, Please: No. 1


Johnny and I are going to Paris at the end of the month (insert happy dance here!) but I’ve already started packing and planning outfits for each of the 11 days that we’ll be there. I know, I’m such a Type A, but planning an outfit even for a trivial location like an airport makes me look forward to the trip even more. Here are a few things I’ve packed already:

one* / My large Longchamp Planètes tote is a serious work house bag. It carries so much stuff and has held up so well the past two years. I’ll definitely be carrying all my travel essentials in it.

two / I’ve been on a loafer kick and I’m thinking about picking these punchy ones up since we’ll be walking nonstop.

three / The last time I was on an overseas flight, I wore only a long-sleeve tee with jeans and had to rely on the paper-thin blanket that the crew passed around! Lesson learned. This cardigan crosses off two requirements: cozy enough for the plane, basic enough for every day!

four* / I just recently splurged on two weekenders for Johnny and I to carry our entire wardrobe for our 11-day trip. It’s roomy enough to bring all the necessities and will teach us a lesson in packing (and restyling!) basics on this vacation.

five* / A stripe tee is my go-to uniform for comfiness while still looking put together. I’ve already worn this updated version with the grey cotton panel a handful of times since I got it a week ago.

* These are items I’ve already purchased and love.